Welcome to Tagore Dental Care – a Specialized Dental Clinic in A-8/3, Nayabad Rail math, Panchasayar, Kolkata – 700094, WB, India. It is eight minutes walking distance from Kavi Subhas Metro Station / New Garia Railway Station. Dr. (Professor) Krishnapada Mandal is one of the experienced Dental Surgeon in Kolkata with thirty years experience and treat dental problem with patience, efficiency, dedication and precision.

He has done MDS degree from PGIMER, Chandigarh, which is a premier Institute in India and one of the best institute in world. The patients visited this Tagore Dental Care not only from local area but also parts of India as well as abroad. Doctor’s aim focusing on prevention is better than cure followed by management and patient satisfaction. The Tagore Dental Care is well equipped with latest technological instrument including high level of sterilization and considers COVID – 19 scenarios to promote qualitative and quantitative treatment to the patients.

Meet Our Specialist

Dr. (Professor) Krishna pada Mandal

Dental Surgeon

International Publications

  1. Radiological evaluation of a Dentigerous cyst in 6 years old child. Mandal KP, Chakrabarty MK, Bhowmik B, Das I, Jana PK, International Medical Journal, 13(4): 295 – 296. 2006.
  1. Dentigerous Cyst with Transmigrated Impacted Mandibular Left Canine in a 60 years Old Female. Mandal KP, Bhawmik B, Chakrabarty M.K, Sing BD, Jana P.K, Sarkar AN, International Medical Journal, 114(2):135 – 137, 2007.
  1. Correction of Simple Anterior Open Bite with Bionator in an 8 Years Old Female. Mandal KP, International Medical Journal, 15(5): 389 – 391, 2008.     
  1. Aggressive Osteoblastoma in a 6 Years Old Girl: A Case Report, Mandal KP, Majumdar A, Ghosh Hazra D, Sarkar AN, Jana PK, International Medical 
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  1. Concomitent Complete Fusion between 32, 33 Teeth and Gemination of 42 Tooth of Nine Year Old Boy: A Clinical Note,  Mandal KP, International Medical Journal, 20(2):224 – 225, 2013.
  1. Clacifying Odontogenic Cyst, Showing Features of Malignant Transformation, Mazumder A, Bhutoria B, Mandal K P, Mitra S, Banerjee N, Biswas C, 
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Service Recipient Says

Good work.. Fully satisfied with the service..

Ankesh Kumar Patient

Nice satisfaction and treatment rendered by the doctor. I wish him success in his attention and attendance .

Govinder Patient

Highly recommended! They provide world class treatment at affordable rates.They would never compromise on quality. it was really a great experience finding a dental specialist with such a polite and courteous way of talking is precious and they are one of them. thank you so much!

Anita Yadav Patient

I visited Tagore Dental Care for filling and teeth cleaning. Dr. explained everything in detail before doing treatment. And you get all possible choice of treatment. i am very much satisfied and definitely recommend to others.

Mahesh Patient